Organic Surveillance

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Organic Surveillance

Organic Surveillance is a new, in-progress project that looks at different categories of surveillance mechanisms. While surveillance studies and the media have been paying much attention to data mining, meta data, CCTV cameras and third party surveillance post Snowden and 911, there is a lack of consideration for surveillance that may happen in larger, more “natural” settings.

These “natural spaces” include crown land and private property found in thick northern Canadian forest and townships. Looking specifically at northern Ontario and small towns such as Markstay, Warren and Hagar, I assess some of the unique and individual ways property owners regulate their land to avoid theft, trespassing, unauthorized ATV and snowmobile trail access and hunting out of season or undesignated areas. These exclusive methods of regulating include reading tire tracks, neighbourhood watch & gossip and animals to name a few.

Comically I will look at surveillance in two categories: organic and GMO. GMO surveillance: all surveillance mechanisms that intake meta data or rely on technology to function and regulate a society or individual and Organic surveillance: psychological, organism to organism surveillance that doesn’t involve any form of technology advancement or affiliation.

This project will be documented and uploaded to a separate website with more information, process and site specific images as the project progresses. The duration of the project is approximately a year. The website will be created and updated as it sees fit. For the time being I have created a Instagram account where I have been updating numerous types of surveillant themed scenarios I encounter on a everyday basis. Feel free to follow me @stefymcknight. I encourage participation throughout my work, therefore please upload or tag me in any images that may relate to this project.

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